At Carter's Coffee, we keep no secrets.

Organic? For sure! Fair Trade? Absolutely! Locally roasted? Right here in Roseburg! The country of origin? It's right on the label. The date it was roasted? That's on the label too. We'd even gladly tell you how we roasted it and the temperature!

Why? Because at Carter's Coffee, you can see right through us. Our transparency is a big part of how we care about our coffee all the way from the plant in the ground to the very last drop in your cup!

Years in the Making

Carter’s Coffee first became an idea in 2019.

Test Roasts

We've hand crafted our coffee with over 200 roasts to dial in the flavor and consistency we that we like to drink!


Since that very first batch, we've worked hard to improve the flavor and consistency every time we roast.

Ounces of Beans Roasted

Our family business began production in 2021 and has been roasting ever since!

Our Mission

Fresh & flavorful coffee that's noticeably unique:

Sweet & easy to drink, never bitter or burnt...

A roast so good, you can drink it BLACK!

Our Values

Our PASSION ignites us to be excellent.

We believe in great tasting coffee and producing a product that we are proud to put our label on. We won't pack it if it doesn't meet our standards.

Our INTEGRITY ensures consistency.

We believe in honesty and respect. We believe in doing what's right to deliver a high quality product, without cutting corners.

Our TRANSPARENCY is our main ingredient.

We believe in being transparent with our product details and roast dates, so our customers know what they're buying and consuming is the best product for them.

Our FAMILY creates a culture of honor.

We believe family is important and it is at the core of how we view our employees and our customers.

Our Coffee

Check out our 5 delicious whole bean flavors, each hand roasted in small batches to perfection.

Single Origin from Honduras

Light Roast:

This was the 1st type of roast we created. It has a nutty body with an apple and cinnamon finish. The aroma is milk chocolate, brown sugar, caramel, and orange. Our light roast is finished at the start of the 1st crack.

10 oz. Bag: $10
Single Origin from Honduras

Medium Roast:

This was our 2nd roast created. It has a milk chocolate body with a caramel and apple finish. The aroma is fruity, chocolate, and floral notes. Our medium roast is finished at the end of the 1st crack.

10 oz. Bag: $10
Single Origin from Honduras

Dark Roast:

Our most challenging creation was a dark roast with no bitter or smoky taste, and after 100s of roasts we reached gold! The dark chocolate body has caramel and brown sugar notes. The aroma is dark chocolate, caramel, and red apple. It is finished mid 2nd crack.

10 oz. Bag: $10
A blend of our Light & Dark Roast Beans

Specialty Roast:

This roast is our latest and greatest blend--a mix of mostly dark and some light roast. Mixing a light roast together with a dark adds a nutty and fruity flavor, keeps the dark chocolate body, and has a caffeine boost! This flavor is by far the most requested.

10 oz. Bag: $10
Single Origin from Mexico

Decaf Roast:

Our Decaf is a medium roast with a remarkable balance of flavors. It has a smooth and velvety texture that makes each sip a luxurious sensation.

10 oz. Bag: $10

What people say after trying a cup of Carter's Coffee!

“Woah, I didn’t know coffee could taste this good.”

“This is coffee? I’m used to a bitter flavor.”

“I can’t go back to what I used to drink.”

“This is my favorite coffee.”

Try a Bag!

We invite you to brew coffee that you’ll love,
right from the comfort of your own home!

With our well-rounded artisan roasts, anyone can have coffee-shop flavor from your own coffee maker.
Bring home a bag of this exceptional whole bean coffee and taste the difference for yourself.

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